SEAN HANNITY: Hamas is just pure evil

SEAN HANNITY: Hamas is just pure evil

FOX News host Sean Hannity gives his take on the Biden administration’s response to the Israel-Hamas war on “Hannity.” 

SEAN HANNITY: There’s no denying that Hamas is just pure evil in our time. Now, for most decent people, they have a conscience, if you have a soul, if you have a brain that actually works on both sides of the aisle, it’s simple. There’s no ambiguity here. You should have moral clarity, but for some reason, the far left in this country, the ones that cry about micro-aggression and misgendering, they’re now out in full force, excusing the kidnapping, the rape, the torture, the murders. 


You almost never hear a bad word uttered about Hamas at one of their anti-Israeli protests and unfortunately, on Capitol Hill, some of these same idiots or congressional staffers — pay attention to this — they recently staged a walkout. Why? To protest America’s support for the world’s only Jewish state. Elsewhere in the Washington swamp, more than 500 bureaucrats across 40 different federal agencies signing a letter rebuking Joe Biden’s public support for Israel. Privately, he’s not been as supportive. Publicly, he’s been trying to say the right things. This is what your radicalized Democratic Party is today. 


Why is it that they have suddenly discovered the words “ceasefire” when Israel is involved? Is it because they hate the Jews? Many of them openly say it. Is it because they want Israel wiped off the map? They’re openly saying that, too.  

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