Texas mom demands expulsion of students, says they intentionally exposed allergic son to peanut products

Texas mom demands expulsion of students, says they intentionally exposed allergic son to peanut products

A high school parent in Texas is demanding the expulsion of students who are accused of intentionally exposing her son to peanuts since he has a severe allergy.

Shawna Mannon spoke out during a Wednesday night Lake Travis ISD school board meeting about the incident, saying that two football players allegedly placed the peanuts inside her son’s locker, knowing it could possibly kill him, according to FOX 7.

“A couple of teammates on his varsity football team were asking about his allergy to peanuts and asked if it could kill him,” said Mannon. “If it were to touch him, or would it kill him if they put them in his cleats or in his uniform? He said, ‘Yes, it absolutely could.’”

The school district confirmed that two varsity football players placed peanut products in the student’s locker at Lake Travis High School.


“As he grabbed the uniform, peanuts fell out everywhere,” said Mannon. “He set everything down and left the locker room in shock. He noticed hives started to develop on his arms almost immediately.”

Several people from the area spoke out in support of Mannon during the meeting.

“Anytime I hear something like this, I’m an advocate,” said Belinda Vaca. “I lost my only child, on June 26, 2014, after he ate a veggie taco, and he asked three times ‘Does it have peanuts?’ They told him no.”

“What does the LTISD Student Code of Conduct require as punishment for such a serious offense?,” someone from the area said. “Mandatory expulsion.”


In a statement, Lake Travis ISD said the district attorney is reviewing the peanut allergy incident, adding that the students were disciplined.

“By way of background, Lake Travis High School, the Lake Travis ISD Police Department, and district administrators were made aware of an incident that took place on campus during a staff professional development day/student holiday involving student athletes and the placement of peanuts in an athletic locker. Parents were immediately made aware of the situation. Athletic Director/Coach Hank Carter, Principal Debbie Garinger, and their administrative teams reviewed all evidence and consulted with internal legal counsel. As a result, our administrators applied consequences,” the school district said. 

“Due to federal privacy laws which protect all minor students, the details of those consequences cannot be made public or even shared with all staff. Although many have publicly shared concerns and rumors about the incident, the District must adhere to all legal and ethical guidelines. However, we can correct some misinformation which has been shared on social media. At no time was peanut butter spread on a helmet or uniform. The LTISD Police Department completed an investigation and has submitted that report to the Assistant District Attorney’s Office for review. At this time, we have not received a final determination from the Assistant District Attorney’s Office,” it added.


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